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Mehndi Dresses for Girls

Girls always like to wear latest fashionable dresses on different functions and events. They would like to look beautiful as well as elegant on weddings. There is only one function on weddings that is full of joy and enjoyment for girls that is mehndi day function.

In mehndi function women and girls wear beautiful colored and well designed dresses to look beautiful. These mehndi dresses have beautiful hand work of different styles according to the local tradition of the region.

Beautiful Green Mehndi Dresses For Women

Beautiful Green Mehndi Dresses For Women

The yellow and green colored dresses are become old fashion, now girls like to make different color combinations for bridal mehndi dresses. It is now latest fashion to use light pink, red and orange colors with soft shades that creates great attraction. Following are the most popular mehndi dresses for women and girls.

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